$99 Taglines FAQ

Q. Can I use my tag line immediately on all my advertising, marketing and matchbooks?

A. 99dollartaglines.com is all about beautiful, free-range advertising not Johnny Law and his torts, promissory estoppel and commercial trademark infringement lawsuits. I try to be a student of current advertising so I can be as fresh and original as possible, but you should check with your own people regarding existing trademarks and copyrights.

Q. Craig, I love my tag line. Are you available for more of my advertising needs?

A. Boy, am I. Just email me at craig@99dollartaglines.com and we can talk. So to speak.

Q. Who are you? What experience do you have? What’s your PIN number?

A. My name is Craig and I have been a copywriter/ACD/CD for over 20 years at some of the best known agencies in the world. You can view my work at csgeller.carbonmade.com and see my print, digital, radio and tv reel. My PIN number is 123456;  I save all of my creativity for you.

Q. $99 for taglines? How can that be when agencies charge thousands, nay tens of thousands of dollars/euros/rupees for similar exploratories?

A. Low overhead. Traditional agencies have fancy Madison Avenue offices where their Don Drapers and Timothy Busfield’s drink Grey Goose out of adamantium goblets brought to them by supermodels riding white Bengal tigers. I live in a Zenith refrigerator box outside a Cosi with killer wifi. And I also have years and years of experience generating taglines and advertising for clients like Coke, Samsung, Dex and hosts of others. This experience helps me to work quickly and efficiently.

Q. When will I get my precious, precious taglines?

A.  Just give me two full business days after I get your brief and you will get at least 5 glorious taglines the following day.

Q. What’s with the brief? I don’t need no stinking brief.

A. Well, I do. And you probably do, too. The brief will help me to focus on exactly what you’re looking for: Who are we speaking to? What is our message? How are we saying it? The answers will guide me to quickly give you the tagline you want and deserve. Afterwards, you should keep the brief as the centerpiece to your future advertising and marketing efforts. Or you can chuck it. Who am I? AdHitler? It’s your $99.

Also, should you fill out the brief and decide not to proceed towards purchasing your taglines, feel free to download it and use it as a way of focusing your marketing efforts going forward. All your messages should ladder back to the brief as a way of presenting a cohesive brand image. It’s my gift to you. I wish you luck.

Q. What if I have an ad or image or link or cocktail napkin that I think would help you craft my tagline and give you a better feel for what I want?

A. Then I want to see it. Send it to me at craig@99dollartaglines.com. Put the name of your brand in the subject line.

Q. What if after I fill out the brief and wait a business day and receive my taglines, I don’t feel they're right on?

A. The best advertising is unexpected and sometimes a little unsettling. Sit with them for a day, and I think you’ll be pleased.

Q. But what if I still don’t like them?

A. Never happen.

Q. But what if it does?

A. Email me: craig@99dollartaglines.com. We’ll discuss.